"The Ukrainian Puzzle" is a series of NUT seminars in Ukraine, focusing not only on the specific cities but also aiming at portraying the situation in a large country with a complicated history and geopolitical situation, connecting people and ideas across between the east, west, north and south (Kharkiv, Ternopil, Poltava, Odessa). Focusing on issues like citizen dialogue and participatory urban planning "The Ukrainian Puzzle" promotes dialogue between organisations, activists, artists, politicians and citizens, and finds new connections between different cities of Ukraine."
My task in the project was to create a visual review of the whole event using photography and video. After four days of intense work I capture the results of the 2016 edition in a interesting after-movie featuring Jan Axel Nordlander as the Narrator of the video. You can check the final video below:
For more information of the project visit the FÄRGFABRIKEN website.
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