Entre Trópicos and Inherencia presents: #Dystrópico

We are an island of meanings between the tropics and the dystopia. An invitation to think about the Latin diaspora in an uncertain Europe. The desire to revive diversity and counterculture, away from the exoticization and eurocentrism that sediments our cultures.

A shout out against extractivist, neoliberal structures and their patriarchal ideology; against classism and racism; sexism and any kind of heteronormativity. We want to offer a safe space for BIPOC, LGTBQI+ people, and all those who identify with our values.

Internalized these principles in mind and body; our musical curatorship will be an amalgamation of electronic rhythms, textures, and colors from the intertropical regions of the globe.

Art Direction, Branding, and Illustration.
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